We are Passion-ate about Fruit. One of life’s greatest honors is joy of giving someone their first fruit. It's often hard to find fruits native to regions outside your own, and finding trusted sources can be difficult, even when native to these regions, but it doesn't have to be this way. We're here to change that.


We believe that everyone should have the ability to nourish themselves with rich, nutrient dense foods and fruit is one of the number one sources. Over the years we've been able to experience the life changes that occur when you start implementing fresh fruit into your daily lifestyle and we want to introduce and reintroduce fresh quality produce into the lives of those we care about, YOU! 
Rekindling this love for nature has shown us how far away we can be from it sometimes but we want that to change so everyone's lives can be impacted. It takes self work to be better for others and we truly believe in being selfishly selfless and the first step starts with you. 
A community based mentality is what we have and strive for and we aim to do our best in contributing to our community whether its time, knowledge or services. The more we work together is the stronger we are.