Reducing our Food Waste Footprint

Reducing our Food Waste Footprint

The food waste problem is a world-wide issue that affects everyone.

The average family of four throws away $600 to $800 worth of food each year. This is a staggering amount of wasted food and it has a huge impact on the environment.

The main problem is a lack of education about how to store and prepare fresh produce.

Fruit Ripening Guide

Some people are not aware that they need to refrigerate certain fruits, while others are not aware that they can freeze certain foods and preserve them for later use. The lack of education about how to prepare food has a significant impact on the environment because most food goes to waste. our iHeartFruitBox fruit ripening guide goes into detail about product life, temperature and storage requirements, and a ton of useful information that ensures maximum enjoyment & maximum lifespan.

There are many ideas for creating more sustainable solutions for food waste that can lead to a reduction in negative environmental impacts.

One of the most underrated tools that we can use to minimize our food waste impact is the common, household blender.

A best practice we incorporate in our household is a designated "blend it up" day, which for us is typically on Sundays. We typically blend all of our produce that is losing freshness (individually) and freeze for future use, whether it be individual fruits that we use as a base in our sea moss smoothies, or vegetable purees that we can use as a base for soups and many other dishes.

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