We send your order confirmation to the email or phone number provided at checkout. Please check your Junk/Spam folder. If it's not there, email us at info@iheartfruitbox.com with your order number and the subject 'Missing confirmation email'.

We ship orders on Monday-Thursday the week after your order is placed. Sometimes, we can ship the same day. Remember, fruits are picked to order, and natural factors like weather can affect timing. For *Pre-Order* items, refer to the 'Pre-Order item' question.

Estimated shipping schedule based on order day:

  • Monday - approx 7-9 days until shipment.
  • Tuesday - approx 6-8 days until shipment.
  • Wednesday - approx 5-7 days until shipment.
  • Thursday - approx 4-6 days until shipment.
  • Friday - approx 3-5 days until shipment.
  • Saturday (by midnight) - approx 2-4 days until shipment.
  • Sunday - approx 8-10 days until shipment.

We aim to ship sooner whenever possible. For delays, contact us at info@iheartfruitbox.com.

Pre-Order items are out-of-season fruits available multiple times a year. Consult our seasonal guide for expected delivery times. Pre-Order items ship as soon as available. For changes, email info@iheartfruitbox.com.

Please check if your order contains a Pre-Order item. If not, there might be an issue with your shipping address. Email us at info@iheartfruitbox.com with your shipping details for assistance.

Dry goods like Sea Moss or Teas may ship separately from fruit orders. You will receive a separate tracking email once these items are ready for delivery.

We can ship to an unverified address at your request, but we won't be liable for delivery failures. Email us at info@iheartfruitbox.com with 'Address Verification' in the subject line to proceed.

Email us within 24 hours of ordering at info@iheartfruitbox.com with your order number and new address. Changes after shipping are not guaranteed.

We ship dried products like Teas and Sea moss to P.O. Boxes.

Tracking information is sent via email or SMS once your order is ready to ship. Check our 'When will my fruit arrive?' section for shipping schedules.

Shipping is available to most states in the US and Canada, with some restrictions for certain states. Check product descriptions for specific limitations.

If an item cannot be shipped to your state, email us at info@iheartfruitbox.com for a suitable replacement or a gift card.

Refer to our ripening guide at iheartfruitbox.com/pages/fruit-ripening-guide for details.

If your fruit arrives damaged, email a photo to info@iheartfruitbox.com within 24 hours of delivery for a refund or credit.

Our sampler boxes are based on weight. Some fruits are larger or denser, so quantity may vary. Prices include shipping costs.

For cancellation or refund requests, please review our policy at iheartfruitbox.com/pages/refund-policy.

Our small team is working diligently to respond to all inquiries. We appreciate your patience and are committed to assisting you as soon as possible.

Discount codes cannot be combined. Only one code can be applied at checkout, and the highest discount will be used.

Yes, we offer subscriptions. Select the 'subscribe and save' option on the product page to start your subscription.

Your subscription can be cancelled through the link in your subscription email. A minimum of 3 orders is required to avoid a penalty. Early cancellations incur a $49.99 fee if cancelled before the 3rd order.

For items that are not listed as pre-orders, we generally fulfill these requests within 10 business days (this might vary slightly by plus or minus 3 days due to natural factors, but rest assured, we do our best to ship ASAP). This is the processing time. The shipping time is the duration the item is in transit, based on the shipping service used. Most fruits have a maximum shipping time of 2 days, except for overnight-only fruits (price includes overnight shipping), coconuts, and non-fruit items like jams. While 2-day shipping might be the selected shipping service, the processing time is separate from the shipping time.

For Florida orders, we generally fulfill these requests within 10 business days (this might vary by plus or minus 3 days due to natural factors, but rest assured, we do try our best to ship ASAP). This is the processing time. All Florida orders are shipped via overnight shipping to ensure freshness. Therefore, the shipping time for Florida orders is 1 day.

While we try to make it as easy as possible to communicate through all channels, including calls and texts, all support questions related to an EXISTING ORDER MUST go through our email channel, which will also be instructed in our responses via text/calls. Text messages are typically reserved for general questions not related to a specific order, but ORDER SPECIFIC questions must be routed through our email to remain in compliance with insurance companies, banks, and other local and federal laws regarding the perishable nature of our product offerings.

Our Seasonal Availability Guide provides a general outline of fruit seasons, but it is not an exact science. Many factors beyond human control can affect when a tree will flower or bear fruit, such as weather in the previous year, average temperatures, changes in atmospheric pressure, hurricanes, storms, and wind averages outside the historical norm. If fruits are running later than expected, we do our best to keep our community informed and provide accommodations accordingly. Rest assured, we will not forget about your order. If you are curious about the status of your order, please email us at info@iheartfruitbox.com for updates or replacement items that align with the current seasonal availability.

If we receive an email inquiry from an address different than the one used to place the order, this may result in delayed responses. Emails linked to the order are prioritized in a different, elevated queue. Emails from different addresses are automatically routed to our general requests queue, which may cause delays.