Shipping Guide

Things to Know:

Please note that all orders are processed (Processing Time) within 10 business days unless item is listed as pre-order. While we do our best to ship items as fast as possible, we do have to abide by natures permission when it comes to weather, and rare instances which are beyond our control.

Please note that Processing Time is different than Shipping Time (Time in Transit) and more information about this difference can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions page by searching Processing Time in the search bar at the top of the FAQs page.

Your confirmation email solely confirms your purchase and will not have a tracking number. You will receive a tracking number once your fruit is packed and ready for shipping in a separate email.

All orders are shipped Monday - Thursday the week following the date of your order. Sometimes orders can ship the same week.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Agricultural Restrictions

We are proud to ship to almost every state and Canada; however, due to agricultural limitations, there are some item restrictions for California, Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas.

Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas Restrictions: Citrus Products

California Restrictions: Eggfruit Box, Key Limes Box, Longan, Papaya Box, Red Custard Apple, Sapodilla Box, Tropical Variety Box (shippable with limited fruit variety), Sprouted Coconuts, and Star Fruit Box

More information pertaining to these restrictions can be found on the description section of each product.

Shipping Policies

Shipping ImageUPS Logo Animation - YouTube

We will need to file a claim on your behalf if your package was shipped with Federal Express or UPS, and you are experiencing any of the following issues:

Damaged or Open Box

(Please provide a photo to within 24 hours of receipt of your package as per our policy. PHOTO IS MANDATORY.)


Unfortunately, sometimes in the possession of our carriers, there are uncontrollable variables that lead to delays; we try our best to accommodate where we can.

Package Delivered to Wrong Address

(You will be asked to confirm the address you provided when you ordered. If you provided an incorrect address, we are unable to issue a refund or resend.)

Package Held at Facility

Please reach out to the carrier provider to arrange pickup; this may be a result of attempted delivery.

Pending Label Created

Before your package is scanned by the carrier, "Pending, Label Created" will be the information seen.

Tracking Status Says Pending in Transit for an Extended Period of Time

Please reach out at at this time for additional information and to resolve any issues.

Tracking Says Delivered, But You Never Received

Please email us at with your order number and tracking number, and we will do our best to remedy the situation as we take customer service very seriously! Without U there is no US! Please be advised that per FedEx’s website, there are some limitations on what they will choose to refund. You may find them under the “Money Back Guarantee” Menu here.

Damaged or Opened Packages

(You will be asked to provide a photo within 24 hours of receipt of the package as per tracking to . PHOTOS ARE MANDATORY.)

Delays after 2 weeks and before 90 days from label created/shipped date

This will show as pending in transit, label created, or awaiting shipment.

Delivered to Wrong Address

If you provided an incorrect address, we are unable to issue a refund or resend.

If you need assistance with anything else, please email us at, and we will do our best to find a solution.