Mango Mixed Variety ***Pre-Order*** - iHeartFruitBox Sampler Box (1.5-2lbs)

Mango Mixed Variety ***Pre-Order***

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Diverse Mango Varieties in Every Box!

Each box is a tropical journey, featuring a rotating selection of mango varieties based on harvest times and availability. We strive to include at least 3 different varieties in every box to provide a delightful tasting experience.

Your box may include a vibrant mix of mangoes from regions such as Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica, South Florida, Mexico, and South America, showcasing varieties like East Indian, Julie, and Tommy Atkins, among others.

Our commitment to quality and taste means we source mangoes from only the finest farmers, ensuring seasonal freshness and diversity in every bite.

Pre-order Note: Specific mango varieties per box vary by season. Pre-order now, and be delighted by our selection as soon as they're ripe and ready!
  • We pack each box to the brim, maximizing the variety and quantity of mangoes.
  • Be mindful of delivery schedules to enjoy your mangoes at peak ripeness.
  • Orders are packed for shipping at the start of the week following your purchase; orders do not ship immediately upon placement.

For more details on our variety and shipping policies, please refer to our Seasonal Guide.

Mango Pro Tips

Mangoes are shipped slightly unripe to endure transit. Upon arrival, they'll reach perfect ripeness—soft to the touch with an aromatic scent—within 1-2 days at room temperature.