Close-up of several peeled iHeartFruitBox Rambutan fruits displaying their white flesh, surrounded by the spiky red outer shells.

Rambutan *** Pre-Order***

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Exotic Delight: Rambutan - Southeast Asia's Furry Fruit!

Rambutan, scientifically known as Nephelium lappaceum, hails from the lush tropical regions of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Closely related to Lychee and Longan, Rambutan offers a similar sweet and juicy taste but stands out with its unique, hairy appearance.

Sourced from the ideal climates of Guatemala and Honduras, our Rambutans are some of the sweetest you'll taste. The fruit's vibrant red and green spiky exterior encases a translucent, juicy flesh that's both sweet and refreshing, wrapped around an inedible seed.

Not only delicious, Rambutan is packed with fiber, vitamin C, and copper, essential for supporting heart, brain, and bone health.

Pre-order Alert: This fruit is currently out of season and will be shipped as soon as it is available. Please be prepared for a wait of a few weeks to a few months.
  • Each box is carefully packed to maximum capacity, reflecting the diverse sizes and weights of the fruit.
  • Be mindful of delivery schedules as the fruit ripens quickly, especially in warm conditions.
  • Orders are prepared for shipping at the beginning of the week following your purchase. Immediate shipment is not available to maintain freshness.

For detailed shipping information, please visit our Shipping Guide. Further details can be found in our Ripening Guide.

Rambutan Pro Tips

Rambutans are ready to eat upon arrival. Store them in the refrigerator to extend shelf life. To enjoy, peel open the skin and savor the sweet flesh, but remember not to eat the soft, inedible seed inside.

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