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Custard Apple***Pre Order***

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Custard Apple (La Fruta Corazon) - A Unique Flavor Experience

The Custard Apple (Annona reticulata), also known as Bullock's Heart and Corazon in the West Indies, thrives in the tropical climates of the Caribbean, South America, and beyond. Despite its unassuming appearance, this "ugly duckling" of the custard family boasts a unique, sweet, and creamy flavor likened to a diverse array of cheesecakes.

Its captivating exterior, ranging from smooth red to purple skin, encloses a white to deep red, custard-like flesh that promises a refreshing and mildly sweet taste. Perfect for eating fresh, the Custard Apple also shines in desserts and homemade ice cream creations.

Discover the seasonal availability of our Custard Apples by consulting our SEASONAL GUIDE. Enjoy these delicious fruits at their peak, directly sourced from certified organic farms in South Florida.

Important: Due to strict agricultural regulations, shipping to California is not available for this product.
Please note, the variety received (Pink, Yellow, or Red) depends on seasonal availability. Rest assured, each box is packed to maximum capacity to ensure you receive the best quality and weight.
  • Sampler Box: Approximately 1.5-2 pounds
  • Small Box: Approximately 4-6 pounds
  • Large Box: Approximately 8-10 pounds

Custard Apple Pro Tips

Custard Apples are shipped just before peak ripeness and may take 3-7 days at room temperature to achieve peak ripeness. They are best enjoyed when soft to the touch. The skin's color may darken as it ripens, but this doesn't affect the delicious, creamy flesh inside. Open it up, remove the seeds, and savor the tropical flavor.

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