Close-up image of fresh iHeartFruitBox Bilimbi Pre-Order fruits, a popular tropical fruit, displaying their vibrant green color and elongated shape.

Bilimbi ***Pre-Order***

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Discover Bilimbi: Nature's Super Sour Delight

Bilimbi, also known as Averrhoa bilimbi, is a tropical fruit in the same family of fruit as Star Fruit (Carambola), renowned for its intense sourness, surpassing even the tartness of a lime. This exotic fruit is a staple in many culinary traditions around the world, used to add a vibrant zest to dishes such as Bilimbi Masala.

Native to Southeast Asia, Bilimbi thrives in humid tropical climates. The fruit is small, cucumber-shaped, and when ripe, it sports a bright green hue. Its crisp texture and acidic flavor make it perfect for pickles, chutneys, and as a natural souring agent in cooking.

Beyond its culinary uses, Bilimbi is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, contributing to its health benefits that include boosting the immune system and rejuvenating the skin.

Important Notice: Due to strict agricultural regulations, we are unable to ship Bilimbi to California.
Pre-order Alert: Bilimbi is available only during specific seasons. Pre-order now, and we'll ship your fruit as soon as it's in season. Waits of a few weeks to a few months is possible. Follow our Instagram to keep in the loop.
  • Our boxes are packed to maximum capacity, ensuring you receive a generous supply of Bilimbi.
  • Be mindful of delivery schedules, as the fruit will ripen quickly under outdoor heat.
  • Orders are packed for shipping at the start of the week following your purchase; they do not ship immediately upon ordering.

For more details, please visit our Shipping Guide and Ripening Guide.

Bilimbi Pro Tips

Enjoy Bilimbi by incorporating it into your dishes as a souring agent, or eating by itself if you want to experience a natural sour like no other. Handle with care as its acidity is potent—ideal for adventurous palates looking to add a punch of flavor to their meals!

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