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Burro Banana (Orinoco Banana)

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Burro Banana aka Orinoco Banana - An Alkaline Delight Approved by Dr. Sebi

Discover the unique Burro/Orinoco Banana (Musa Orinoco), originating from the lush Orinoco River Valley in Venezuela. Our commitment at iHeartFruitBox is to hand-source these remarkable bananas from our farm and trusted neighbouring farmers, ensuring top quality and freshness.

Burro Bananas, with their distinctive taste and texture, can be enjoyed both raw or cooked. When ripe, they exhibit a sweet flavor with a hint of lemon. Versatile in use, they can be a delightful addition to a myriad of dishes, offering a nutritional powerhouse packed with potassium, Vitamin B, and antioxidants.

Available year-round, enrich your diet with the alkaline goodness of Burro Bananas. For more information on their seasonal peak and optimal consumption times, please refer to our SEASONAL GUIDE.

Important: We strive to pack our boxes to maximum capacity, considering the varied sizes and weights of the Burro Bananas. Be mindful of delivery times as fruit ripens quickly in warmth. Orders are packed for shipping at the start of the week following your purchase date.

Burro Banana Pro Tips

Anticipate the arrival of your green and unripe Burro Bananas. For optimal sweetness and flavor, wait until the skin turns yellow with brown or black spots. This marks the peak of ripeness, ready for you to enjoy its creamy texture and delicious taste. Some people cook the banana in its green/unripe state. Boiling and mashing provides a flavor and consistency similar to mashed potatoes.