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Egg Fruit (Canistel)***Pre Order***

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Egg Fruit: The Unique Canistel

Discover the exceptional Egg Fruit, also known as Canistel, with its distinctive appearance reminiscent of a hard-boiled egg yolk. Contrary to its name, this fruit has a flavor often likened to pumpkin-spice cheesecake.

Egg Fruit also known as Canistel and scientifically named Pouteria campechiana is rich in carotene and niacin, contributing to improved eye and hair health. Its high iron content also provides an energy boost.

Sourced from ethical and organic local South Florida farmers who have been growing for decades, this fruit thrives during the Winter months. South Florida boasts a variety of sizes and shapes for the Canistel.

**Due to strict agricultural laws and regulations, we cannot ship this box to California** 
Pre order means the fruit is out of season, but once back in season your orders will be shipped out immediately **Please be advised that the wait time can be from a few weeks to a few months**
  • Our goal is to maximize box capacity by packing fruits of varying sizes and weights.
  • Keep delivery times in mind to receive your box promptly, as outdoor heat can hasten fruit ripening.
  • We pack orders for shipping at the beginning of the week following your purchase date. Orders do not ship immediately upon purchase.

Canistel Pro Tips

For optimal freshness, we ship these Canistel fruits unripe. As they ripen, their texture softens, resembling a boiled egg yolk, and their flavor transforms into a delightful cake-like taste.

Pro Tip: Speed up ripening by placing the fruit in a paper bag at room temperature. Slow down the ripening process by refrigerating.