Close-up of fresh Lychee ***Pre-Order*** from sustainable farms, some peeled revealing white juicy flesh, surrounded by whole red textured skins by iHeartFruitBox.

Lychee ***Pre-Order***

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Exotic Delight: Lychee, the Fragrant Gem of the Tropics!

Lychee, known scientifically as Litchi chinensis, is a beloved fruit originally from the subtropical regions of China and now cherished worldwide. iHeartFruitBox brings you the freshest and most aromatic Lychees directly from sustainable farms.

Renowned for its vibrant red shell and juicy, translucent interior, Lychee offers a burst of sweet and slightly tart flavor, reminiscent of roses and citrus. The fruit is perfect for eating fresh or incorporating into various culinary delights like cocktails and desserts.

Lychee is not only delicious but also packed with health benefits. It's an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin, folate, and minerals such as copper and potassium, supporting overall vitality and wellness.

Pre-order Alert: Lychees are seasonal and currently off-season. Pre-orders will be fulfilled as soon as they become available. Expect potential delays ranging from a few weeks to months.
  • Sampler Box contains approximately 1.5-2 pounds of fresh Lychees.
  • Small Box contains approximately 5-7 pounds of fresh Lychees.
  • Large Box contains approximately 10-12 pounds of fresh Lychees.
  • Keep in mind delivery schedules as Lychees ripen quickly.
  • Orders are packed for shipping at the beginning of the week following your purchase. Immediate shipment is not available.

For shipping details and more information on fruit care, please consult our Shipping Guide and Ripening Guide.

Lychee Pro Tips

Lychees are ready to enjoy upon arrival. Store them in the refrigerator to extend freshness. Peel the skin and enjoy the sweet flesh, but avoid the hard seed in the center. Perfect for a refreshing summer treat or a flavorful addition to desserts.