A pile of Otaheite Apple (Jamaican Apple/Malay Apple) from iHeartFruitBox on a table.
Otaheite Apple (Jamaican Apple/Malay Apple) ***PRE ORDER***
A pile of Otaheite Apple (Jamaican Apple/Malay Apple) from iHeartFruitBox on a table.
Otaheite Apple (Jamaican Apple/Malay Apple) ***PRE ORDER***

Otaheite Apple (Jamaican Apple/Malay Apple) ***PRE ORDER***

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Otaheite Apple (Jamaican Apple/Malay Apple) 

Fun Fact: The Otaheite Apple also known as the Jamaican Apple or Malay Apple, distinct from Wax Jambu, is celebrated for its unique bell-like shape and a mildly sweet taste, making it a refreshing treat. Native to Southeast Asia, this tropical fruit has found its way to the Caribbean, where it's cherished for its deep red or purple, smooth, and glossy skin, encasing crisp, white flesh.

At iHeartFruitBox, we're dedicated to delivering the freshest Otaheite Apples, straight from organic farms focused on quality and sustainability. This fruit not only delights the senses with its subtle sweetness and slightly tart undertone but also offers a bounty of health benefits, including vitamin C for immune support and dietary fiber for digestive health.

Discover the seasonal availability of Otaheite Apples and plan your culinary adventures with our SEASONAL GUIDE. Pre-order today, and we'll ensure your fruit arrives fresh, directly following harvest season.

  • Sampler Box: Approximately 1.5-2 pounds
  • Small Box: Approximately 5-7 pounds

Our commitment to quality ensures each box is packed to maximum capacity. Please anticipate delivery schedules, as Otaheite Apples are sensitive to ripening, especially in warm conditions. Orders are packed for shipping at the beginning of the week following your purchase.

For any inquiries, consult our Shipping Guide. Learn more about caring for your fruit in Our Ripening Guide.

Important:  Due to California Agricultural Regulations, this fruit cannot be shipped to California.
Pre-order means we are expecting to harvest soon. When purchasing Pre-order products, we ship your order as soon as we harvest in the order received. It can take several weeks to fulfil items in pre-order status. Due to our commitment to freshness and quality, availability may vary by season. Check our site for current shipping options and availability.

Otaheite Apple Pro Tips

We ship Otaheite Apple ripe and ready to eat. Enjoy Otaheite Apples at their peak ripeness for the sweetest flavor. Look for a deep red or purple hue and a slight softness to the touch. Some people prefer this fruit slightly underripe while the hue is more pink than red. It is a little more tangy in this state. The skin is edible.