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Fun Fact: Rollinia is that it's sometimes referred to as "Biriba." This nickname is due to its creamy, custard-like texture and sweet, tropical flavor that is reminiscent of a mixture of pineapple, banana, and lemon. It's a popular fruit in South America, where it's often used in juices, ice cream, and other desserts.

Rollinia, also known as biribá or araticum, lukumbe, or golden sweet sop, is a tropical fruit native to South America. It has a round to oval shape and a bright yellow skin that is slightly rough to the touch. Inside, the flesh is white and juicy, with a sweet and tangy flavor that has been described as a combination of pineapple, lemon, banana and vanilla.

Overall, rollinia is a unique and delicious fruit that is perfect for snacking, cooking, or using as an ingredient in smoothies, desserts, and other culinary creations. Whether you're looking for a healthy snack or a tasty ingredient for your next recipe, rollinia is definitely worth trying! Rollinia is available in Spring and Summer. Refer to our SEASONAL GUIDE

Please Note:

  • Being that fruit comes in all different sizes and weight, we aim to pack our boxes to maximum capacity
  • When you place an order please be aware of delivery times to receive your box, as fruit will ripen quickly in the outdoor heat. 

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Rollinia Ripening Pro Tips

Rollinia is shipped just before peak ripeness. It is ripe when it is soft to the touch and an imprint is left when pressure is applied to it. Once your rollinia is fully ripe, you can store it in the refrigerator for a few days. This will slow down the ripening process and help to preserve the fruit's freshness. The color of the skin may darken from green to yellow (and even black if exposed to the cold), however this will not adversely impact the fruit. The most common way to consume is to break it open and consume the white flesh. DO NOT eating the seeds inside.

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