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Star Apple ***Pre-Order***

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Star Apple (Chrysophyllum caimito), also known as Caimito or Milk Fruit and is a highly sought after delicacy originating in the West Indies and Central America. We source our Star Apple locally from many farms.

The firm skinned, Apple shaped fruit ranges from white, green to purple and gets its name from the Star shaped core when cut horizontally. The texture of the flesh surrounding the inedible seeds is soft and milky.  

Pre order means the fruit is out of season, but once back in season your orders will be shipped out immediately **Please be advised that the wait time can be from a few weeks to a few months**

Star Apple has a very short season in the winter to spring. Refer to our Seasonal Guide for more information.

Star Apple Pro Tip

Star Apple is picked ripe, when you receive it it is ready to eat. Cut it open and scoop out the milky inside with a spoon when ready to eat, the purple/green skin is not consumed. If you do not plan to consume it immediately it is recommended that it is put in the refrigerator. The seeds are not edible.