Close-up of multiple iHeartFruitBox Star Apples***Pre order*** with one split in half, revealing the white and black seeds inside. The outer skin is mostly dark purple with some lighter spots, making these tropical delicacies a visual and flavorful treat.

Star Apple***Pre order***

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Star Apple (Caimito) - The Lavender Plum

Embark on a tropical journey with the exquisite Star Apple (Caimito), a fruit revered for its delectable taste and striking appearance. Native to the West Indies and the Greater Antilles, this exotic fruit is a hidden gem in the world of tropical delicacies.

Star Apple boasts a unique star pattern when sliced, revealing its starry interior. The flesh is sweet and creamy, often compared to a blend of lychee, apple, and pear flavors. Its vibrant purple or green skin encases a luscious pulp that's not only a feast for the taste buds but also for the eyes.

  • Rich in nutrients: Packed with vitamin C, calcium, and antioxidants.
  • Ideal for a variety of uses: Perfect for eating fresh, in salads, desserts, or smoothies.
  • Seasonal Availability: Check our SEASONAL GUIDE for the best time to enjoy Star Apple.

When ripe, Star Apples have a slightly soft texture. Handle with care to avoid bruising. Enjoy this stellar fruit as a luxurious snack or a stunning addition to your culinary creations!